Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Pedicure - Part II

Later on that night I lay in my hotel room thinking about my afternoon with "Jade." I was still so embarrassed, but the thoughts of how good I felt in that chair resurfaced in my mind and that shame turned into lust. I started to replay in my head her movements and the way she touched me with firm yet gentle pressure. I started to run my own hands all along my body. I closed my eyes and practically relived those moments that occurs hours before. I could almost feel her and smell her sweet scent, it was almost like she was right there with me. Some strange sensation told me to open my eyes, what I saw almost made me cream..."Jade" was standing at the foot of my bed, naked!!!! She was soooo beautiful with her long black hair and petite frame. Again, she didn't speak as she climbed into bed slowly rubbing her body against mine along the way. Oooh her skin was so smooth and silky. She made her way to my face, looked me in my eyes and before I knew it her tongue was in my mouth and her hand was on my face. Her kiss was gentle yet firm, just like her touch. She slowly kissed her way down, hitting my neck and shoulders with her kisses along the way. She stopped at my breasts and cupped them in her hands and engulfed my nipples with her mouth one at a time. I felt a surge in my pussy every time she swirled her tongue around my nipples. She started to kiss her way down further. I thought she was headed to my sopping wet pussy but she stopped at my belly button and injected her tongue in and out, it felt so good. I kept thinking "I can only image how good she'll feel doing that to my pussy." She continued her way down and positioned her face so close to my pussy I could feel her breath on my clit! She looked up at me with a smile, and leaned in to kiss my other set of lips....and then I woke up....

Bella Mystic