Monday, November 30, 2009

There's nothing like...

...a good flick. Of course I don't own one, I'd get bored with the same old images across the screen. That's why I scroll the 'net for whatever I'm in the mood for. On the top of my list of favorites y'all know is a good dyke scene with pussy licking and strap-ons. A very close second is a thick booty riding a nice sized cock til nut is oozing out of her.

I often fantasize what it would be like to not only be fucked like this but to be taped in the process. I can't even get my man to have sex with the lights on let alone some "lights camera action" type loving. My sex life, my relationship period, is so boring and unfulfilled. Wish I knew what to do.... Until then I always have my flicks....

Bella Mystic

Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's nothing more sexy...

...than a kiss sometimes. Not just any kiss, the kind that you feel throughout your entire body. When you get a true kiss it's more than just an action. It's a compilation of emotions expelled through one's lips. A real kiss sends impulses through your mouth, down your back and out through all the areas of the body that are most sensitive and then lingers on your mind for an eternity. A true kiss exchanged between two individuals with a shared lust for one another can be more intense than an orgasm...

(Y'all know I had to add some chicks, lol)

Bella Mystic

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Little More About Me

I'm in a leadership position at a Fortune 500 company. There aren't very many African Americans in my position and I am by far the youngest person in my office. I've always been conservative but I've really taken my professionalism seriously ever since I was promoted about a year ago. I have a male friend who "fits the bill," he is very pleasant, educated and successful in his field. My family and friends adore him, they think we make a "cute couple." He is very handsome and has a lean "runners body," from what I can tell. I should really like him...but I don't. Why you ask? Because I'm so bored with him. I realized this week that we see sex/intimacy in a VERY different light. We've never had sex, only kissed a few times. Of course I would NEVER make any moves initially, but I've subtly given him a few hints. He has never responded in the way that I've hoped. Unfortunately I've picked up on a few cues that let me know he is far from "freaky." I want to be able to pull his dick out of his pants and put it in my mouth when we are driving around town just for the hell of it. I want to spontaneously fuck him in the coat closet during a fundraising benefit we've attended. I want him to bend me over my desk and ram inside me hard til I nut all over my expense reports. I want to be able to communicate my desires to him but I don't know how. So I'll have to keep sharing my thought with you guys. Thanks for "listening..."

Bella Mystic